Guess Who? Guess Who?

Guess Who: A fun, classic game of clever deduction. Guess the mystery character first and win!

Guess Who?

Ora and Theo Coster

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Game Description

Guess Who?

“Guess Who?” is a classic two-player character guessing game that has delighted players for generations. The objective is straightforward yet engaging: players use yes or no questions to deduce the identity of the opponent’s chosen character. The game is renowned for its simplicity, strategic depth, and the fun of piecing together clues to make a correct guess.

How to Play

Each player starts the game with a board that includes images of 24 characters. At the beginning, each player secretly selects one character. The aim is to guess the opponent’s character by asking a series of yes or no questions (e.g., “Does your character wear glasses?”). Based on the answers, players eliminate candidates on their board until they’re ready to make a guess.

Game Controls

  • Mouse Click: Choose characters, ask questions, and make guesses.
  • Keyboard: Some versions may allow typing in questions.

Tips and Tricks

Guess Who?
  1. Ask Broad Questions: Start with questions that are likely to narrow down the options significantly.
  2. Pay Attention to Details: Notice small details in the characters’ appearances.
  3. Remember Previous Answers: Keep track of the answers to avoid redundant questions.
  4. Strategic Guessing: Sometimes, making a guess before all options are eliminated can win you the game if you’re reasonably sure.

Game Developer

“Guess Who?” was originally a physical board game created by Theora Design and first produced by Milton Bradley in 1982. The online versions have been developed by various game studios, adapting the classic gameplay for digital platforms.

Game Platforms

The unblocked version of “Guess Who?” is predominantly found on web-based gaming platforms, accessible through most internet browsers. This makes it easy to play in environments where access to gaming sites is limited, like schools or workplaces.